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Language with the Five Senses Training

Available for -

Keynote, One Hour Talk, Whole Day Workshop, Half-Day Workshop.

Language is not merely words and grammatical structures but how humans interact with each other and the world around them.  Human interaction is essential for acquiring language and a person must feel and experience the language with all of the senses to build language pathways in the brain.   

This workshop/talk includes: 

  • An overview and history of the method/how it was created.

  • An overview of how the brain learns with a lesson in the neuroscience of learning.  

  • A detailed explanation of the process, with practical activities for each step 

  • Workshops include lesson plans and activities that go through an entire lesson for all of the steps.

  • Adaptations for use of technology in the classroom. 

  • Connections to culture and how to bring authentic situations into the classroom 

  • Integration of comprehensible input and chunking into your lessons 

  • Project based assessment showing practical application of the language.  

  • An overview of different resources available

Global Citizenship Education and Culturally Responsive Teaching

Available for - Keynote, One Hour Talk, Half Day Workshop

 Global Citizenship Education is meant to help us understand why we think the way we do and explore culture shapes our thinking as we relate to others in the world. Culturally Responsive Teaching helps teachers build trusting relationships with students that validate their home languages and cultures.

This workshop/talk includes: 

  • Explanation and overview of Culturally Responsive Teaching.

  • The positive effects of cultural validation on the brain.

  • Explanation and overview of Global Citizenship Education as defined by the UNESCO. 

  • Overview of the Global Citizenship Standards and Competencies set forth by the UNESCO. 

  • Trust and validation relationship building activities between teachers and students and how these affect the release of oxytocin and dopamine in the brain.

  • Activities that explore the teacher’s own cultural identity, values, and inherent bias.

  • Practical and engaging activities for the classroom that teach GCE and cultural empathy and validation. 

  • Strategies to easily extend GCE beyond the classroom.

Making the World Your Classroom

Available as- Half Day Workshop, or One Hour Talk

International travel with children/students can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! International travel is a journey in empowerment, self-discovery, and most importantly – human connection. 

 This workshop/talk includes: 

  • Debunking the myths of International Travel 

  • Traveling on a tight budget 

  • How to travel with the intent to connect 

  • Positive effects of travel on the prefrontal cortex.

  • Your brain on travel.

  • Country studies and activities that help prepare for international travel

  • Finding the right travel programs for your students/family

  • How to plan your own travel with students/homeschool organization

  • Worldschooling with your family

Performance Based Learning through Thematic Unit Study

Available for -

Keynote, One Hour Talk, Whole Day Workshop, Half-Day Workshop.

Multiple case studies have shown that students show greater knowledge and progress through thematic unit study and project-based assessment than through testing. Further, students are more apt to retain information when engaged in experiential learning. 

This workshop/talk includes: 

  • Overview of Thematic Unit Study and Performance Based Learning 

  • Culturally Responsive teaching at the heart of Performance Based Learning.

  • The Neuroscience of learning and a lesson on Neuroplasticity.

  • Growth Mindset.

  • Setting SMART Goals.

  • Example thematic units with practical activities and projects 

  • How to build thematic units and create project-based assessments that apply learning 

  • Creating experiential learning experiences with real-world application   

  • Integration of comprehensible input and chunking into your lessons (World Language Workshops) 

  • Creating thematic units from concept to carry-out.

  • An overview of different resources available.

Teaching Vocabulary for Fluency

One Hour Talk or Half Day Workshop

Traditional methods teach vocabulary in lists of words to memorize- which studies show is not effective.  The Language with the Five Senses method facilitates fluency in learners through engaging the senses to send stronger messages to the brain.  

This workshop/talk includes:

  • An overview of language in the brain and how our brains learn.

  • The Chunking Technique for teaching vocabulary in context.

  • The specific steps for greater retention.

  • The use Clap Snap, Jazz Chants, and Songs to put information directly into the longterm memory.

  • Sample lessons and specific activities for each step.

Pop Music in the Language Classroom

Available as-  Half-Day Workshop or One Hour Talk

Music is a huge part of teaching culture and can be an incredible motivator for students.  Music can be used in a variety of ways in the language and global citizenship classroom to give students a glimpse into that culture’s social messaging, ideals, and what’s “in.” Learning language through music also puts language directly into the longterm memory! 

This workshop includes:

  • An overview of the benefits of using music in the classroom.

  • The different purposes pop music serves and how to use music to serve those purposes.

  • Sample lessons and activities to use in the classroom including: Weekly song, songs to teach structures, songs to promote culture, and more.

  • Tutorial on creating your own lessons with songs.


Literacy in the L2

Available for -

Keynote, One Hour Talk,  Half-Day Workshop.

Studies show that literacy and reading to children is essential in the early years of language development in the brain.  The importance of early literacy in L2 is just as essential.

This workshop/talk includes:

  • An overview of how the LW5S method addresses and integrates literacy.

  • How reading aloud promotes brain development.

  • An overview of different strategies for integrating literacy and the use of stories into the classroom.

  • Specific lessons and activities that promote literacy, teach vocabulary, and grammar structures 

  • The use of book studies at all levels.

  • SSR and Read-Alouds in the Target Language.

Cooking and Culture

One Hour Talk or Half Day Workshop

Food is part of every culture.  Every culture has a traditional dish, or specific practices around mealtimes.  Integrating recipes and food into your thematic units and individual lessons adds richness to the learning experience and motivates students. In addition, food projects are linguistically rich.

This workshop/talk includes:

  • An overview of using food and cooking in the classroom.

  • Integrating recipes and cooking into lessons in a way that gives rich Comprehensible Input.

  • Specific lessons and activities that encourage the application of real language including grocery store scavenger hunt, CI recipes, group cooking projects, and more.

Language and Learning in the Brain

Available as-   One Hour Talk or Half Day Workshop

All learning is a sensory experience.  Our sensory receptors in our bodies receive information through the specialty sensory receptors and in turn, those receptors send that information to the brain.  This talk goes over exactly how our brains learn, and why our brains are wired to learn language through a very specific process.

This talk includes:

  • A detailed explanation of our brains learn new skills.

  • The specific process by which our brains acquire language.

  • How the language center of our brain adapts to language after a certain age.

  • Growth Mindset 

  • Setting SMART Goals

  • Specific methods and ideas for long-term language retention in the brain.

  • A discussion about translation and why it is not an effective method for learning language- based on brain science.


Playing with Language

Available for -

 One Hour Talk,  Half-Day Workshop.

Learners are more likely to retain new information in the longterm memory when they are having fun!  Games that practice specific skills reinforce those skills for long-term retention.  

This talk/workshop includes:

  • An overview of how games reinforce skills.

  • The use of flashcards and specific games using flashcards

  • A tutorial for designing a well-scaffolded language game

  • Examples of games that reinforce different language skills

  • Low prep games that can be used as fillers or that can be done on a sub day.

Let's Get Talking!

One Hour Talk or Half Day Workshop

Fluency comes first from understanding receptive input.  Students must develop a strong foundation of receptive fluency before they can begin to speak.  This foundation is developed through activities that scaffold language so students have early communication tools.  

This workshop includes:

  • An in-depth explanation of CI and how LW5S CI activities are designed.

  • Strategies for scaffolding input for successful student output.

  • Specific activities that can be easily adapted to any language classroom.

  • Low-prep activities you can use as fillers.

Online Learning Seminar

Available as-   Full Day or Half Day Workshoip

With an increase in courses going online, educators are seeking ways to effectively engage learners in the online classroom.  Schools and districts are seeking ways to make sure students are receiving an equitable education through technology.

This workshop includes:

  • The “how-tos” of setting up online learning.

  • Synchronous and asynchronous activities.

  • Performance Based Learning strategies for the online classroom.

  • Engaging activities for live, online sessions.

  • Student accountability, attendance, and classroom management.  

  • Creating meaningful relationships in the online classroom. 

Supporting Students of Color and Promoting Diversity in the Classroom

Available as- Half Day Workshop or One Hour Talk

It is extremely important that course content and lessons be presented in a way that is culturally relevant and from varying perspectives. 

This Workshop includes:

  • Overview of the topic including the "why."

  • Specific resources for supporting students of color.

  • Activities that promote the celebration of diverse populations 

  • How to teach from a "non white" viewpoint.

  • Integrating various cultural viewpoints into lessons. 

  • Successful integration of discussions on "tough" topics in the diverse classroom.

  • Your brain on culture.


Certification Training

For World Language and ELL Teachers

This five-day training covers all of the above workshops and talks.  Teachers who complete this training will receive a Language with the Five Senses Certificate that certifies they have been officially trained in this method by Bon Voyage World Languages Academy. 

This program is ideal for (but not limited to) the following groups:

Professional Teacher Organizations

School District Curriculum Departments (i.e. District World Language Department)

Schools and/or individual departments within schools

Schools and districts with a high population of ELLs.

This certification is also eligible for teacher clock hours and continuing education credits.**

This Full Training includes:

  • 90-minute Pre-training planning with group organizer over the phone or video chat

  • Language with the Five Senses Workshop- 1/2 day

  • Language and Learning in the Brain- 1/2 day

  • Global Citizenship Education and Culturally Responsive Teaching - 1/2 day

  • Performance Based Learning in the WL Classroom - 1/2 day

  • Making the World Your Classroom- 1/2 day

  • Teaching Vocabulary for Fluency- 1/2 day

  • Music in the L2 Classroom- 1/2 day

  • Cooking and Culture - 1/2 day

  • Literacy in the L2- 1/2 day

  • Playing with Language- 1/2 day

  • Let’s Get Talking!- 1/2 day

  • Professional Development Certificate


Speaker and Workshop Fees

Speaker fees will be waived when offered an exhibitor booth for Bon Voyage World Languages Academy at events with exhibitor halls.

All travel is reimbursed, Elizabeth makes her own travel arrangements and will be included in the speaker invoice.  


$750 plus travel expenses

Includes a keynote address plus one one hour workshop of your choice.

Half-day Workshop

$750 plus travel expenses

The half-day workshop is 4 hours.

Fully Day Workshop

$1400 plus travel expenses

The full-day workshop is 6 to 8 hours with a lunch break.

5 Day Instructional Coaching

$1500 plus travel expenses

Coaching fees include:

1-2 hour consultation over video chat or in person to assess needs. 

Classroom visit 1 and observation

1-2 hour debrief, collaborate interventions, and plan of action.

Classroom visit 2 modeling of intervention with students.

3 hour debrief- strategies for going forward.

Written report of coaching and plan of action.

Language with the Five Senses Certification Training

See price descriptions below

Language with the Five Senses Training Fees

All proceeds from this training program go to benefit the BVWLA mission to advocate for languages and Global Citizenship Education, as well as our student scholarship programs.

1-50 participants- 1 trainer

$7500 plus travel expenses*

51-200 participants + 2 Trainers

$12,500 plus travel expenses*

201-500 participants + 3 Trainers

$15000 plus travel expenses*

Over 500 participants

Please contact us for large group pricing

Additional Trainers

$1500 per additional trainer plus travel expenses*

(Additional trainers are useful if you would like to complete training in less than 5 days. 

One additional trainer can cut the training time by one full day).


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